Palazzo Tolomei Residenza d'Epoca Firenze

   Historical Residence


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Rooms and Suites

Living in the marvels of the Renaissance   

The Rooms and the Suites of Palazzo Tolomei are all different and unique, created to satisfy the refined tastes of the ancient lords of the Palazzo. Their charm has been maintained over the centuries, giving us the most rare and precious experiences- that of Beauty!

Frescoes perfectly conserved in their full splendour of color and light, still intact over the years; pure white stuccoes which narrate love stories of nymphs and gods; statues whose marble has been smoothed and polished by time. Precious objects which enrich both days and nights; crystals, porcelains and silver, wood gilded by master craftsmen.

All harmoniously combined with the most modern amenities for the comfort and well-being.

Palazzo Tolomei - Residenza d'Epoca
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  • Luxury Gold Suite